From July 17 to August 29, 2020 in collaboration with the VV Foundation the ISSP Gallery (Marijas 13 k-3, Berga Bazars, Riga) hosted a solo exhibition “Love Re-search” by Latvian artist Annemarija Gulbe. It featured a series of photographs created over four years, capturing private moments from the author’s peers.


In her series “Love Re-search” Latvian artist Annemarija Gulbe captures intimate and revealing situations between her friends and acquaintances. Wandering through Riga nightlife as a distant observer, she attempts to understand what it means to be in love as she has never experienced the feeling herself. Through the series of work Annemarija attempts to find an answer to the never ending question – what is love and how can one recognize it?


Annemarija Gulbe (1997) is a Latvian artist, studying Visual Communication at the Art Academy of Latvia. She graduated from the ISSP School, participated in several International Summer School of Photography workshops and studied analogue photography at Andrejs Grants masterclass. In 2019 she won the Grand Prix of the Contemporary Art Biennale – Jeune Création européenne at Mountrouge, France, and she is the winner of the FK Prize 2018. Her series “Love Re-search” has been published in the yearbook of Latvian Photography 2019, GRAIN special release – New Talents, Jezga Magazine and Veto Magazine. In 2019 “Love Re-search” was exhibited in Organ Vida festival in Zagreb. “Love Re-search” will be her first solo exhibition in Riga.

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