From 12 to 20 July 2019, Zaļenieki Manor in Jelgava district will host the International Summer School of Photography (ISSP) 2019 Photography and the World, which will bring together 73 artists and theoreticians from 30 countries.  VV Foundation is delighted to announce the award of a scholarship for the participation in ISSP 2019 to the young Latvian artist Linda Boļšakova. Founders of VV Foundation, Vita Liberte, Jānis Borgs and Vilnis Štrams stress, that Linda Boļšakova’s interdisciplinary and anthropologic approach to photographic art, in which she explores the multi-layered interaction between man and nature, is an important theme for the foundation, which this year has announced the first international PAiR residency programme in Pāvilosta, where art and interdisciplinarity, the Baltic Sea and the nature of its coast, artists, musicians, poets, philosophers, curators and critics will work side by side. We are also happy to announce that Linda will be one of the resident artists in PAiR 2019.

Image Credits: Linda Boļšakova. Talk to Me Through Flowers

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