In the summer of 2019, starting from July, the PAiR residency pilot project was held at VV Foundation Headquarters in Pāvilosta, with the purpose to explore ideas that could help create an equipped, interdisciplinary residency in the future. 13 wonderful representatives of the creative industries agreed to work on their future projects, providing the VV Foundation residency team with insight into residency life.

Playwright Evarts Melnalksnis emphasises: “I went to the VV Foundation residency with a particular goal to work and to study materials for an upcoming show. VV Foundation residence was the best place for it because I was able to concentrate and devote all my attention to the research and creative work. The residence is located in a charming place close to the sea, encouraging both peaceful and active thoughts, and you can also take a breath and head to the beach. The organisers of the residence take great care of their residents and strive to provide them with ideal conditions for creation. Although the results are not apparent immediately, it is quite clear that creating such conditions is a very important contribution to the cultural space of Latvia.” Overall, the residents emphasised the benefits of the isolated location, as well as the fact that the residence is a great place to generate new ideas without the need for a specific end result. The residents also provided valuable advice for the future operation of PAiR.

Alongside the residency programme, three exhibitions were also held – solo exhibition “Invitation” by Artist Toms Harjo, represented by VV Foundation, group exhibition “What Even” supported by VV Foundation, as well as a one-day exhibition by PAiR residents Clementine Edwards and Joannie Baumgärtner in one of the abandoned buildings of Pāvilosta.

The VV Foundation team would like to thank all the residents, who participated in PAiR Call-Up 2019.


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