Artist Residency

Anna Dzerve/Riga Photography Biennial – NEXT 2023 award

This year our award of 1000 EUR and the opportunity to spend a month in PAiR artist residency was awarded to the Latvian artist Anna Dzērve for her work „I’m glad he died”.  We believe that the author has transcended her personal experience in the language of art, through which the viewer can recognize many […]

VV Foundation
"How does art surprise me? When observing a work of art I feel deeply moved. Reflections and joy about the new experience arise within me. The foundation will stimulate these kind of experiences more frequently."
Vita Liberte, founder
"High quality and socially provocative art doesn't occur in a vacuum. Artists need support: friendly communication and discussions, analysis and exchange of experience, critique and praise, “space” for work and development, space for a long rest and contemplation."
Vilnis Strams, founder
"Art is like a delicate, cultivated plant, which requires love and care. It requires refreshing support and the warmth of appreciation. Only then can we expect it's fruitful blossom. And so I would like to compare the activity of the new arts foundation to a gardener's tender care. Multiply the blossoms of art in our cultural space - this is our mission."
Janis Borgs, founder