VV Foundation was founded in 2018 by art enthusiasts: lawyer and art patroness Vita Liberte, architect Vilnis Štrams and art historian Jānis Borgs.

The foundation’s mission – to promote contemporary art and art education in Latvia.

The foundation aims to promote cooperation between the creative scene in Latvia and foreign artists, theoreticians, curators, musicians and other representatives of creative industries. Through exhibitions and the residence, the VV Foundation plans to develop a contemporary art education programme including lectures, discussions with curators, performances, masterclasses and artist studio visits.

The main directions of work for the VV Foundation are production of high quality international exhibitions, establishment of the first artist residence in Pavilosta, Latvia as well as the creation of a contemporary art education programme.

Vita Liberte, Founder – lawyer and art patroness. While studying international law at the Law School of the New York University understood that art can be approached as a career. Since returning to Latvia, Vita has supported cinema (producer for the film MONA), Latvian National Symphony Orchestra (LNSO) and the choir Balsis; Kim? Contemporary Art Center, and has also served as the President of Latvian Women’s Football Federation.

Vilnis Štrams, Founder – architect and entrepreneur. Graduated from the Riga College of Applied Arts, the Tallinn Art Academy, and has studied at Helsinki Technical University. Worked at the Leonhard Lapins architecture studio in Tallinn, Helin & Siitonen Architects in Helsinki, was owner and main architect at the Postform Projekts architect offices in Riga and Liepāja, worked as the Director of the Department of Development at the Riga City Council. Currently lives and works in London.

Jānis Borgs, Founder – is a graphic and interior designer, art critic, curator and journalist. Jānis calls himself an art observer. During the 1970s he positioned himself as a practicing adherent of avant-gardism and modernism. He is the author of countless art publications. Worked in the system of the Ministry of Culture as author of the education programme for the arts. Former director at the Janis Rozentāls Art High School, art editor at “Māksla” magazine, as well as Director of the Soros Centre for Contemporary Art – Riga.