One of the tasks of the VV Foundation is to produce high-quality and international exhibitions of contemporary art. Since 2018, the Foundation has participated in the co-organisation and support of several exhibitions, focusing on the activities of young, talented artists and also organising exhibitions of already well-known artists.

Since May 2021, the VV Foundation has also organised a regular exhibition programme at the PAiR Residence Gallery in Pāvilosta. The focus of the exhibition is the art collection of the VV Foundation, which features works by several prominent contemporary artists of Latvia of different generations.

In 2021, the VV Foundation supported the solo exhibition “Woof Woof!” by Kristiāna Dimitere at Gallery Alma, the exhibition “Right Now” (Tūlīt) by Sarmīte Māliņa and Kristaps Kalns at Dubulti Art Station, the exhibition “Looking Forward To Meet Me” by Lithuanian artist Visvaldas Morkevičius at ISSP gallery, providing the artist with the opportunity to stay at the PAiR residence in Pāvilosta, and also supported the exhibition “Storm Sees No Colour” (Vētra neredz krāsu) by Voldemārs Johansons at Gallery ISSP.
This year, the VV Foundation has organised an exhibition by Krišs Salmanis, exhibitions by the text group Orbits and Leonards Lapins at the PAiR Gallery, as well as the solo exhibition “Theatre of Orgies and Mysteries” by the renowned Austrian artist Hermann Nitsch at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design from 16 October to 12 December.

In 2020, the VV Foundation supported solo exhibitions by young artists Annemarija Gulbe and Sabīne Vernere, as well as the participation of the artist Edīte Dekina in the Second Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art.
Solo exhibition “Love Re-search” by Annemarija Gulbe took place at ISSP Gallery from 17 July to 29 August 2020, and featured a four-year-old series of photographs capturing private moments from the author’s peers.
From 21 November to 13 December 2020, a solo exhibition by artist Sabīne Vernere was on display at 40 Brīvības Street (Riga, Latvia), which consisted of several interconnected series of works – 33 ink paintings.

From 27 July to 15 September 2019, a solo exhibition “Call” by Toms Harjo was displayed at 11 E. Šneiders Square, Pāvilosta, which was a continuation of the photo series “Truth” launched in 2016. The series of photographs reveals the human desire for belonging, our relationship with faith and religion, and our reflection on the possibilities of living in harmony with the Bible in a world that is largely secular. In the exhibition “Call” Harjo continues to develop these reflections and leads the viewer through the search for balance between doubt and pathetic beliefs, between loneliness and the desire for belonging.

From 11 April to 11 May 2018, the VV Foundation opened a solo exhibition “Ravine” by the prominent Latvian painter Laris Strunke, which was also the first project of the Foundation. It took place at the Latvian Railway History Museum in Riga, the windows of the main exhibition hall of which face the spiritual symbol of Latvia – the Castle of Light, the National Library of Latvia. Architecture and structure of a room form a very important part of Laris Strunke’s pictorial art, therefore the 19th century locomotive repair shops, which have retained their authentic aura, formed a unified whole and a sense of spaciousness. The exhibition featured 26 of the latest paintings by Laris Strunke, which are united by a common motif of content and pictorial research – the ravine.