“There is no name – it seems that there might be and there might not be. I wouldn’t mind if there was – as soon as it appears, I will tell you if you want to know. I will bring almost everything that could be useful: 1. A sea bag with everything you need. 2. Some 4 heavy books so that you can choose what to read in your spare time. 3. A pile of linoleum: the biggest and the smallest, the slats must be caught. 4. Pieces of wood, which have been given specific dimensions, also a bag of scraps, if that is useful. 5. You don’t want to think about the anchor, whether you have to borrow it, or what you have to find on the way. 6. The old thick rope, a new and thinner one must be caught on the way. 7. And a pile of paper. In general, I already wanted a canvas, but it keeps absorbing all the paint inside like an unsatisfied one, but in spite of that layer of paint, I want a bold one. Paper also behaves so disobediently in this wet weather – so be it. I thought I’d print the works along the way in dry places, because we don’t stop raining here. And tired of waiting for the asphalt to dry. We should have chosen watercolor paper – it’s so wet here. 8. And then a couple of inflatables, because it will be about the sea – when you hear nothing and see colored spots. See you in Pavilosta! If there is no deadly storm, I could drift to you with a linoleum raft – I hope I can make it in time. You also have to catch the forges with you, but not all of them – in case the raft doesn’t float the way I imagined it.” HZP

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