PAiR residency invites art, culture and humanities professionals active in various fields and roles (artists, curators, researchers, thinkers, writers and others) exclusively from or based in Baltic and Nordic states to apply for its second open call. The residency program will take place from November 1 till December 30 2021 and will be dedicated to researching Pāvilosta’s surroundings and its cultural-natural dynamics. Animals, plants and other life forms exist in a permanent state of development and reproduction. The cycle of seasons features moments of growth and withdrawal whose succession might be looked at in association to creative or performative gestures and positions.


We welcome application proposals who develop and engage with agencies, practices and methods cultivating sustainable ways of being that draw from natural processes and rhythms. We aim at exploring the diverse socio-environmental landscape of Pāvilosta, engaging with its rich fauna and flora as well as its particular community and history. Structured as an open-ended process, PAiR welcomes the possibility of public presentation formats which would share the experience at the residency with others.


Two Latvian and two international professionals citizens of or based in Baltic and Nordic countries (countries included: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden) will be selected to participate in the residency program.



To apply, please email a single PDF containing a conceptual presentation of the project you would like to develop during the residency (no more than 5000 characters) with an indication on whether the specific project is research or process based and whether you require specific conditions and equipment (workshops, materials, etc.). Application should also include an indication of the desired residency period (from 1 up to 2 months), your portfolio and CV. All applications must be received no later September 20.

All residents are welcome to get involved in the PAiR residency educational program. Applications will be considered by the VV Foundation team, in collaboration with an expert from the culture field and residency curator João Laia.


PAiR covers:

PAiR residency offers a studio, living space, access to library and gallery, curatorial support (at least 2 organised studio visits), provides administrative support and, if necessary, workshops, materials, tools and research resources. PAiR Residency will cover the travel costs to and from Pāvilosta as well as accommodation and administrative support. Residents from the Nordic countries will also receive per diems.


Place and building:

PAiR residency is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Pāvilosta. The 500 km long coastline has played an important role in Latvia’s geography, culture and politics and has affected the habits and traditions of local inhabitants. PAiR is located in a 42-hectare area of Grey Dune, the largest dune in Latvia. The residency is situated in a historic wooden building, built in 1901 and fully restored in 2021. The building includes four separate rooms for residents, two studios for creative work, library with several workspaces, an art gallery, as well as a weaving studio used by Pāvilosta local weavers. Each separate room will be supplied with all necessary facilities. There is a shared kitchen and dining room in the building.


Covid 19:

PAiR follows Covid-19 national and international regulations. VV Foundation will be in touch directly with each of the selected residents prior their arrival to the PAiR residency.


The PAiR Residency open call program is supported by Nordic Culture Point.

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