Today is the National Premiere of the debut feature film by New Riga Theater actor and photographer Toms Harjo that was shot in Pāvilosta with his fellow students, creating three different scenarios of romantic relationships. The roles are played by actors Jānis Grūtups, Agate Krista, Marta Lovisa Jančevska, Matīss Ozols, Sabīne Tīkmane and Harjo himself, who use both irony and wry documentary observations about their generation. We were happy to be producers of this film and see PAiR featured in several scenes of

Release Date: 19.10.2022

Length: 1h 21min

Distributor: Toms Harjo

Director: Toms Harjo

Cast: Toms HarjoMarta LovisaJānis GrūtupsSabīne TīkmaneMatīss OzolsAgate Krista

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